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Commonly Asked Pool Leak Detection Questions



What to do if I think I have a pool leak?

First, perform a bucket test like explained on our home page. If the test comes back positive, repeat the test but the second time run your pool pump for 12 hours and look at the level. After that leave your pump off for 12 hours and look at the level. If the two measurements are the equal, your pool leak is most likely not in your plumbing. If the two measurements are not equal, there is a good chance that the leak is in the plumbing of your pool.

Can I find the pool leak myself?

The answer to this question is maybe. It all depends on where the leak is and how easy it is to see or detect. For an example, if the pool leak is in an easy spot to see such as the middle of the skimmer, you may be able to locate the leak. On the flip side if the pool leak is in the same skimmer but under the basket ring, it may take a trained eye to spot the leak. It is always best to call us for professional advise before trying to locate a leak. Do not let your pool leak down to see where it stops, this is not good on the structure of your pool and can cause some additional damage.

Why don't I see water anywhere or a hole in my lawn?

The biggest reason you don't see the water that is being leaks from your pool is because water naturally flows down to Florida's aquifer and dirt is like a sponge. Very rarely does a swimming pool leak cause a big washout or a sink hole in your lawn.

What causes swimming pools to leak?

Different types of pool leaks are cause by different things. The most common types of pool leaks are cause by the settling of dirt over type which cause the deck and piping to move downward. This causes the piping to put stress on the seal where it comes into the swimming pool and eventually the seal will fail causing a leak.

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