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Tile Leak

1/2 inch / Day


Tile leaks are common on pool in areas where water flows. This could be a spa overflow, a skimmer throat, or a waterfall. This is because the flow of water and the chemicals in pool water erodes the grout away exposing a area for a leak. The grout does not seal anything, the tiles are mounted on the shell of the pool, this means that the actual leak is behind the tile somewhere and it takes a trained professional to realize this.  To find the leaks we use an electronic hydrophone to listen for the leak behind the tile and locate it properly.

Light Niche Leak

1 1/2 In./ Day


Since 1998 pool builders have been installing plastic light niches in swimming pools. The plastic light niche is a problem spot for leaks. This leak was on a 6 year old gunite pool with a plastic light niche. The crack where the dirt is coming in was cause by the conduit pulling on the niche and causing the plastic to crack. We were able to find this leak by diving the pool and using dye testing.

Plumbing Leak

2 in./ Day


This leak was on a 6 year old gunite pool and it was losing 2 inches of water per day. It was located in a PVC 90 degree elbow fitting. We found the leak using a method called pressure testing, then pinpointed the exact location of the leak using a electronic listening device. The pipe was feeding a sheer descent waterfall and cracked due to settling of dirt around the PVC pipe.  Only about 1 out of 10 pool leaks are in the plumbing. If a plumbing line is broke, it is broke. There are a few companies that say they can fix broken pipes without digging. This is a temporary fix and your pool will leak again soon.


Skimmer Leak

3 in./ Day


Crack In Shell Of Pool

2 in./ Day


This leak was on a 11 year old gunite pool. It was leaking 3 inches of water per day. We were able to locate this leak using an electronic hydrophone, then confirming the leak with the use of dye testing.


This leak was on a 8 year old gunite pool, and it was losing 2 inches of water per day. The crack suddenly appeared in 2 days time and most likely was caused by the ground settling behind the shell of the pool from a previous skimmer leak. Locating this leak was not difficult due to its size.