Dye testing involves a technician using a syringe full of dye to color the water in order to see where the water is moving or flowing. Dye testing is used to find skimmer leaks, light niche leaks, main drain leaks, tile line leaks, and any other leaks inside the swimming pool.

Electronic listening is a process used to locate the exact position of a underground PVC plumbing leak in a swimming pool. A technician will purge air into a PVC line that is submerged with water and the air with gurgle out the leak in the line making a noise and a vibration that is picked up by the device.


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Symptoms Of a pool leak


  • Dropping Water Level
  • Excess Chemical Usage
  • Excess Algae
  • Structural Damage
  • Holes in Lawn

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If your swimming pool in Melbourne is losing more than 1 inch of water a week, then you have a swimming pool leak and need the assistance of Aquatic Swimming Pool Leak Detection. We specialize only in swimming pool leak detection and we are good at it. Aquatic Swimming Pool Leak Detection uses state of the art electronic listening devices to find swimming pool leaks with exact precision. We are different from other swimming pool leak detection companies because all of our techniques are designed to be non-destructive, meaning we never drill holes in your concrete slab or drain your swimming pool to find a swimming pool leak. Aquatic swimming pool leak detection will find all your swimming pool leaks, or our swimming pool leak detection service is completely free. All swimming pools will be dove by a certified diver and we will check all your plumbing lines to ensure we find every swimming pool leaks.


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Dye Testing


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Bucket Test


This test is to test how much water your pool leaks versus evaporation.

  1. Place a 5 gallon bucket on step of pool.
  2. Fill bucket with water until it rest firmly on step.
  3. Mark inside water level, mark outside water level.
  4. Let the pool run like normal for 24 hours.
  5. Measure the two water levels.
  6. The difference in the two level is the amount lost.

Things To Do Before Our pool leak detection Appointment


  • Pool Water Level Needs To Be Half Way Up Tile Line
  • Shut Off Pool Pumps 1 Hour Before Appointment
  • Please Do Not Schedule Any Lawn Cuts Or Any Other Loud Equipment At The Time Of Our Appointment (We use sensitive listening devices and cannot hear pool leaks with loud equipment nearby).

Pressure Testing



Electronic Listening


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Pressure testing is used to determine if a PVC plumbing line has a leak underground. This process involves a technician plugging either side of the plumbing line and inducing water or air pressure to measure the lose of pressure of time. This process can also be used to isolate which line is leaking.